Wednesday, March 12, 2008


lol i named this blog post up diz ate. lol! i now play volleyball and i must admit i am pretty dam good. today i went to amandas and we chilled. we went outside. (i played hoockey iif you were wondering.) i practiced with her 4 volleyball bc i brought my ball. ummmmmm yesterday we had volley ball practice. it was pearls birthday. me and liz discovered a new hot way of watching a movie without even being together (its free for me bc shes in my fave 5). heres what to do. you text each other the comments on the movie and during every commercial call each other and talk either about the movie or commercials like you would in real life. its reall fun and so hot. its funny too! we love the movies on lifetime (channel 45 if you have IO) theyre on every night at 9:00 p.m. and they are so dramatized! we call it text-movie. let me use it in a sentence. ahem..."so are you up for a text-movie tonight?"
seee? it sound so hot and sofisticated! lol! we have practice tomorrow which works well since i have off!
the new best lotion that you can ever use, ever is OLAY QUENCH BODY MOUSSE! it rawks!
keep reaading for my next.... WHATS IN YOUR PURSE???