Saturday, July 19, 2008

100th post!!!!!!!

i went hiking oday and i was mad good at it! we went 2,700 feet and there were pools of crystal clear water. it was beautiful. so i swam in it. lolz
tomorrow i am going horseback riding with daddy.
check out this convo.
[19:58] grandyzgrump123: i know. lolz
[19:58] grandyzgrump123: i am looking up all songs in 07. lolz
[19:58] MARlllLeenx3: oooo
[19:58] MARlllLeenx3: lol
[19:59] grandyzgrump123: got it!
[19:59] grandyzgrump123: i was made for hacking! lolz jk
[20:00] MARlllLeenx3: lmaoo
[20:02] grandyzgrump123: haha i changed it~ that hacker will neva get in
[20:03] grandyzgrump123: i think mi password is obvious
[20:03] MARlllLeenx3: lol..u shuldd makee ur pass hardd
[20:03] grandyzgrump123: my old one was
[20:03] grandyzgrump123: kazoo9
[20:03] grandyzgrump123: very hard
[20:03] grandyzgrump123: and random
[20:03] MARlllLeenx3: yeaaa lol
[20:04] grandyzgrump123: mofo hackers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[20:04] grandyzgrump123: lolz
[20:04] grandyzgrump123: lmao
[20:05] grandyzgrump123: idk what that means. mother fucker hacker? mofo!!!!!!! fun word. but it sounds like a baboon name
[20:07] grandyzgrump123: amanda hacked my page
[20:07] grandyzgrump123: on aim stalkers kno mi ageee
[20:07] grandyzgrump123: now i wrote info down on a pagee
[20:07] MARlllLeenx3: amandaa hacked it againnn??
[20:08] grandyzgrump123: noo
[20:08] grandyzgrump123: u mofooo
[20:08] grandyzgrump123: lolz
[20:08] MARlllLeenx3: l0l
[20:08] grandyzgrump123: im RHYMING!!!!!!
[20:08] grandyzgrump123: waiting for a package from sephora
[20:08] grandyzgrump123: the whore
[20:08] grandyzgrump123: a
[20:08] grandyzgrump123: lolz
[20:08] grandyzgrump123: marleen smells (jk
[20:08] grandyzgrump123: )
[20:08] grandyzgrump123: no wayyy
[20:09] grandyzgrump123: i am bored, like wood. like it should
[20:09] grandyzgrump123: OOOH TOP THAT GANGSTAA
[20:09] MARlllLeenx3: lmaoo
[20:09] grandyzgrump123: lolz im puttin that on brb.
[20:09] grandyzgrump123: brb
[20:09] grandyzgrump123: cant u seeeee
[20:09] grandyzgrump123: look at meee
[20:10] grandyzgrump123: ok really
[20:10] grandyzgrump123: what rymes wit really?
[20:10] MARlllLeenx3: lmaoooo wow urr TUPIDDD! lmaoo jk I love you
[20:10] MARlllLeenx3: billy!
[20:10] grandyzgrump123: lolz really and billy dont rhyme you fool
[20:11] grandyzgrump123: lolz go back to 1st gr in skool
[20:11] grandyzgrump123: jk i wuv uu
[20:11] MARlllLeenx3: lmFaoo
[20:12] grandyzgrump123: hahahahahah