Monday, October 27, 2008


hey im here and I am with stacie and marlee. we went to wet seal and claires, theere was a mega-bitch there. I swear she took all our acessories out of our bare hands and then put it back on the racks (okay, so im exagerating a bit) but she really did something like that. I ended up leaving the heart sunglassses there and we ran back in, took the glasses and two seconds before we left stace screams bye bitches! it was soooo funny. when we were looking 4 a dress we went everywhere possible, even gap. gay and proud so before we left there I screamed GAY AND PROUD! and at mandees, I was kickimg all the racks and the clerk says "AWWWWW NO OHHH NO I DON'T PLAY LIKE DAT MMHMM" and whatnot picture it in a "homegirl" accent. I am sickyyyyy. wahhhh. I am going to put on a long post in a couple of days bc I am on marleens sidekkick, so bye.
(katy perry rocks)

Saturday, October 25, 2008


around 11:00 p.m.
my braces are killing me! we went to melissa's for stevie's party (thats her lil bro. he just turned d... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!)
but, melissa wasnt there. i had to keep nicknick entertained the whole car ride. amanda was in the bathroom later on and she pissed herself so we had to make like we were helping so we could wash the towel that we cleaned up with. lmao
by the way amanda, i love the way you pretend to die on the floor and "dribble" from your mouth yet still have the time to say " come closer... closer....closer.... wipe my mouth before i die" that almost reminds me of please ill have litttle bobbayyyyswithyo--
right now, marema is in the shower. i noticed two full bags of bb bats. one chocolate & one bannana. then there was a full bag of peanut marshmallows. anyway i wasnt allowed to eat a bb bat because of my braces lol. wonder where aunt lisa got all those good old time candies in a candy shop. i will be sure to let you all know.
now, i will put my lavendar eye mask over my eyes, put in my headphones with one ear out so on my right ear i will listen to katy perry and on the other ear tv)
good night

woah i had such a great sleep last night!
i woke up at like, 6:00 and my mouth was killing me. it felt like john cena just punched me in the mouth! today i had to go pick up my glasses and then we stopped at fortunoff . now i am waiting for my TOMATO soup from campbells. possibilities.
im watching mtv hits in the meantike waiting for hot n' cold to come on. i HATE when they have bands and people show their hitlist. its so stupid. and when i change it to channel 821, they dont have videos and the on demand music choice doesnt have hot n cold yet.
ring ring
hey there delilah! whats it like in new york city?
what the hell are you calling me for? i have that restraining order! click!

that song was just on. now weezer, troublemaker. i want HOT N COLD!
more early katy perry, please!

hot n cold never came on! screw you, hitlist!
i was mad at dee and bri for a little bit. but not anymore. i might go ice skating friday with them. i was watching the messengers earlier. and then we had to leave and go to my orthodontist. he removed the bottom wire and there were two sore teeth. he had to twist them. you wouldnt imaginethe excruciating pain! hey guys! john cena punched me in the mouth, TWICE!
so right now im starved and i can barely chew.
so all ive been eating is yogurt. and im being PUNISHED because we are having tacos tonight!
yes, katy, the world is coming to an end! no more of my fave animal crackers! =( *tear* but still, the pink ones were the best not only because they were my fave color but because they tasted more than good, they were GRREAT (frosted flakes tune). i really couldnt tell the difference between the flavors, though.
so... amanda went to help with the Christmas houses. If any of you know me, and you wanna see a spectacular sight around the holidays, that includes Katy, email me or call me and i will tell u where you can go! its a surprise!.
for the 8th grade haunted house, were doing a haunted hospital. im in the operating room! weeee! woohooo bring on the neurosurgeon! lmao.

well i made few videos. aunt joette invied me to go to the haunted house and i wanna go just gotta wait for my mom to bring me a change of clothes. marema got chineee foo.
gotta go eat. and im not hurting as bad THANK YOU MOTRIN!

now were on our way to brewster to a haunted hayride. whos in the car? me, joey (being a pain but I l;ove him lol =P ) , steph, pete, aunt joette and uncle butch.
joey pulled stephanies hair and blamed it on me after we were getting along perfectly fine. >=0
amanda wanted to stay home so aunt lisa stayed home with her. wow. so i am kinda nervous. eeeek but i am extremely excited.
joey is trying to hide all the way in the back. *sigh*.
im listening to music on my phone. so maybe ill write after the haunted house.
were here.

THAT WAS THE BEST! THUNDER RIDGE! WOOOOHOOOO! i met my new BIFFS this post is dedicated to you (even though im never gonna see you again. *tear* my CHICKS from DANBURY cindy?) and i cannot forget how literally everyone in the haunted house saying or SINGING katrinaaaaaaa. one of the people from the insane asylum fucking followed me. then finally the sad part.... i got hugs and then i neverrr see them again. waaaaahhh! one of the girls' cousins owned the place so maybe when we go back we'll be reunited! lmao. Jk that was scary though, so i reccommend it to all of you who wanna be scared, shitting yourself, and make newfriends =).
i swear the texas chainsaw massacre comes soooo close to you you wont believe it. and people (the actors) fly from the sky!
truthfully, i am going back next next weekend. i loved it!

hey. yesterday, i saw eagle eye. amazing movie. i totally reccomend it. today i am going to barnes & noble to get thebook "lolita" by vladimir nabokov. cant wait to read it. the only thing i am excited about. i am bored in class right now. its terrible. we're talking about kkk >=0 there phsycoooo. brian just told ms.cellio he had to pee and he got in trouble. i have such a busy week, this week! wanna see my to do list?
if you chose yes, i will tell you.
if you chose no, i will tell you anyway. =)
get the book
plan my friday ice skating, hayride)
dye hair (jet black)
get brows nails a hair done.
lolita costume.

thats right. im going to be Lolita. im gonna be her. DONT STEAL MY IDEA!!!! i will have a polka dot dress, red lipstick, heart sunglasses and a ribbon in my pulled back, curled hair.
yeahhh, im writing all this in social class. akward silence, now. that means a gay baby is born from a screaming mother hitting/whipping their husband.
right noe is after lunch/recess. we have art & comp soon, then, i have to stay after school to help out with the haunted house. over recessam d'anna wasn't sure if she was to break up with **** or not. sorry that i starred it out but she wantes to keep iit on the DL.
btw, nominate (then vote) for me for president. i will make this classrooms a better place to be! im off to art and computer! over and out!
heres a link to where you can get b.b. bats.
over and out (for now)!
hey, its october 20th. im in reading class. we are talking about INTERNET. as usual. why do they blab about it so much?
now were doing spelling. i put my phone away for a bit because ms. brown came in & when she comes in, i have to cram my phone to the back of my desk... lunch is in 5 mins so i gota go.
hey. ms.cellio is assigning us a project
"now if you look at the third page.."
*looks in other direction
pow! smacks student in face.

so yeah, im really bored.
october 24
hey im writing during religion. before, my phone vibrated... but nobody noticed. yesterday, on the way downstairs to lunch, in the hallway, i swung my lunchbag and my vitamin water (energy) smashed into the wall, hit off of the wall, tore open my blue plastic lunch bag and spilled on the floor. i stared at it for like, a minute until ms cellio told me to pick it up.
well we have music at 1:40 and i am waiting excitedly for it.
OH! i almost forgot me D'Anna and Brianna cut class (not really) we had mr. martin for reading bc ms.philp had workshop. we just walked around the school and hung out in the girls' bathroom.
God (how ironic!) religion is SO boring. today was hot dog lunch. we got a hot dog a "large" pretzel (it was the size of my hand. it was stale like the Shop Rite® brand ones and they tried to claim it as a Saberet by putting it in that pretzel heater.
we got some pix in the yearbook today.
on my bad hairday. good thing my mom is in the committee so i cn get some good pics of me and my friends.
i hung out with stacie yesterday. well i gotta go! before i get caught... bye!
i am out od school. ms. v played hot n cold. u rock! now... i just spritzed some women's perry on me and i got ready for ice skating and i have an awesome outfit! i curled my hair, which is rare, i rarely do that. finallt i am on page 51 of lolita, an amazing book, katy perry, thanks for reccomending it, i will read it a million times and memorize it! lmao. so ill write about how ice skating was. =) bye (for now)....
ahhh! skating was wesome. they played hot n cold... yeahh (twice) and each time, i screamed. it took them like, nine hours to give me damn mozzerella sticks. i loved it. jamie was the rink guard. who went? me brianna d'anna pearl and last but definitly not least, dai. =)
i was freezing (hmm maybe because i was gliding across a block of ice?)
when we got back, me and pearl (d and brianna were dropped off and i went to pearls) pranked ******** and we tried to prank Joey C. we called the wrong number the first time and it was some flaming homo drag queen singing. hahahahaha. if you want the #... email me. im in the car on mt way to davids with my mom bc were going to lbi tomorrow. =))) (double chin!!!)
well, gotta (wanna) go, bye. i will ttyt (talk to you tommorrow) on my 2 hour road trippppp.
ohh my God i just saw a raccon with its head chopped off in the middle of the road i am literally crying now. ewwwwie. bless you, Coonie (i gave him/her a name. it courtesy) were at davids.... bye

Friday, October 17, 2008

why, hello. lmao

i am supposed to be doing "homework" but if i said i wanted to go on my blog i would get in trouble. I am doing my homework though (little by little)
today was like, an amazingly hilarious day of overdosing the laughter. =)
wanna knoe what went on?
go on that site. i am ADDICTED to it. comment bad on all the bitchy teachers!
i meant to say that robbie is a poor little hooligan who has pink eye so i dedicate this post to him. =) ROBBIE YOU ROCK FEEL BETTER! WE ALL MISS YOU!
anyway, Mr.Migilliputty was being a jerk to everyone today and i really dont like him so please comment on him
STEP TWO: comment on mr.mcgilliputty
and ms.novak was just PMSing OHHDEE! she took away my assignment pad just because i was bored in her class and then when i asked for help she said you shoulda been paying attention. and i said "I GOT THE NOTES" and waved the book in her face. later when i went to "retrieve" the book i laughed in her face when she said "paticulaa" so she yelled at me and told me to leave. Ms.Celllio told me to go back and be serious this time. so i did. i giigled. GET OUT!!!! then i had to literally walk out wait two seconds and enter the room again. finally i got it back so now i wanna make a "ASSIGNMENT PAD GAME" and add it to my blog. that should be enough to enteratin you guys. =)
i will make it especially for you and the levels will have different teachers! awesomeness
the kids in the "corner" always have "parties" - claims ms. cellio
okay so one thing to say about that. WTF?!? i am a witness and i prove her WRONG
ms. cellio, you have the right to remain silent, anything you do and say will be held against you in the court of law. you have the right to an attorney......
i am currently waiting for an invite from Brianna to go ice-skating. thanks for inviting me vice!!!
speaking of vice... vote for me! i hadnt got the chance to make a new video but i will. and this one (hopefully) wont be funny. =P
why does ms. c always say "might as well take a match and light it to your parents money"
i dont get it.
its a CATHIOLIC school
shes supposed to BOOST our self-esteem
not lower it to the point of FLAMES AND ASHES!
shes telling us were nothing but chimney-sweeps! (metaphorically speaking)
so im gonna try to make the game
and get back to "homework"
i love you all!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

my uhh campaign? it came out bad! feel free to laugh at not "with" me


"im baaaaaack (scary voice)" says me "hoooray (sarcastic voice)"

I called Katy Perry and left like 20 voicemails for her. I even advertised for my pontless blog that was meant for stalkers lmao. So, Katy, if you are reading this, "Hi, sorry about wasting your time leaving a trillion messages! Just remember ILY!" Today was the best computer class ever despite what I said earlier when I said that it was gay, which it usually is but on this one occasion, it wasn't. Would you like to know why today was the best computer class over all? even if you don't want to know, I will tell you anyway. =)
Today, we got to put music on our webpages and since I sad next to Brianna, it wasn't my normal seating arrangement, so, I didn't really have to workb(and he didn't notice) so I made a post on my blog, then I went on and on Youtube. I blasted "Hot 'N Cold" by Katy Perry, "Use Your Love" by Katy Perry and "If You Can Afford Me" by Katy Perry as well. Pearl was giving me a bitchy additude today. What the hell is her problem and why did she talk to me like that who does she think she is? Her and D'Anna have been like BFF's lately and leaving me and Brianna out! That's not right and I'm sorry if I sound like a little bitch but still they can't takk to me like that I never did shit to them. Then, at the end of the day, I stood first on line (which I always do) and Pearl starts telling me, "D'Anna is first, blah blah, she wants to be first for one, blah blah blah". So she starts talking to me like I am a retard and tugging on my shirt so I said to her "DONT TOUCH ME!", her & D'Anna went to the back of the line. I think maybe THATS why I put Brianna at the top! My physical was rescheduled. You wouldn't believe who I saw there! Shaneminem also known at firstly, Shanaynae! I said "Hi, Shanaynae!", he just laughed. Me and Nick Malizia are getting along well. Lately, I am trying to see the good in people but I just can't see the good in Pearl lately. After computer, I realized that Pearl and D'Anna had told Chris Rooney that I was gonna be Katy Perry or whatever she will be for Halloween. Then he said "You won't look good as Katy Perry, you'll look like a Hawaiian Katy Perry", then Pearl and D'Anna starting doing Hula Girl "Hot then your cold" and I got REALLY pissed. I tried this Avena oatmeal drink its delishhh. lol. i would vote it "Most likely to: give someone gas". lol. i have Social Studies tonight. But you can basically do it in class (which i did) because she thinks that your taking notes when in actuality you are doing the homework. We are doing the elections on Election Day (which is when?) and iI jus want to let you all know I really want to be class president. VOTE FOR ME! I PROMISE YOU THAT I WILL BRING IN CUPCAKES EVERY SATURDAY, TRY TO CONVINCE MS.BROWNE FOR MORE DRESS DOWN DAYS AND CLASS PARTIES. PLUS, I WILL BNE NICE TO EVERYONE AND WRITE GOOD THINGS ABOUT ALL OF YOU ON MY BLOG AND UHH IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS OR THINGS THAT YOU WANT.. COMMENT AND I WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND. ALSO IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE VICE PRES., LET ME KNOW AND BE SURE TO SIGN YOUR NAME AND LET ME KNOW WHO YOU ARE SO I CAN DECIDE. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW MUCH OF MY FRIEND YOU ARE, I WILL MAKE IT AS FAIR AS POSSIBLE. WANT THE BATHROOMS RENNOVATED? YOU GOT IT! HALF HOUR TALK TIME THROUGHOUT THE DAY? YOU GOT IT! LONGER LUNCH PERIODS? YOU GOT IT! MATH NOT AS GAY? YOU GOT MY WORD! VOTE KATRINA C. FOR CLASS PRESIDENT. I AM KATRINA AND I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE. CHECK OUT MY VIMEO WHERE I POST AN AD FOR CLASS PRESIDENT. I WANT THIS! Back to my life... My dad told me he wants me off his line and that he'd rather pay the 200 dollars to get you off his line. I am getting really mad at him because all he does is yell at me for no reason whatsoever. I meant to ask what acrylics should I get?
Some 'shrooms, music notes? If you have any suggestions please comment. Remember how much I love every single one of you who visits my site! Peace out, girl scout!
And "Hi, Brianna! I know your reading this, thanks for visiting my site so often! Comment as many times as you want (minimum - 8 comments lol)"
and all of you who visit and comment often, we'll call you Briannas! Peace out, Girl scout (for real this time).
(The Homicidal Phsyco Jungle Kat -Calvin and Hobbs also known as me & Brianna LMAO)

hi hehe

shh im at the computer at hertz and i am not supposed to be lol.just had the urge to click "internet" and then OKAY LETS GO TO MY BLOG, said my spidey senses lol
when we go home, i will really write but still, i hope you guys think this is humorous.
seriously, i am at a car rental place using their computer. and they dont even notice! woah, this place is like MAXIMUM SECURITY!
my outfit that i just threw on is actually pretty amazing, like its so bold and outgoing, like me. i think my moms about to get the car so before i get in trouble, bye
i promise that i will write later so you can hear about my day

hiii guys!!!

mason* OOOOPSIE DAISY! lmao. computer class sucks its maddd gay i dedicate "ur so gay" by katy perry to computer classsssss. computer class smells like ass. lala smeels like shit it here that came outt the rear. brianna rocks im with her she will type now: hey hey wasssupp we r kewl bitches!!!! lol comment on awsome blog mason musso & metro station<33333 ooh ahhh shit here he comes signing out before we get in trouble!!! ahhh
so evrard is here. he is AWESOME and wants to say hi so here he is: hi...
wooohoo try to spell THAT! H-I
joey thinks he can make awebsite but hes too dumb to even turn ON the computer
im just kidding, we loveu joey
ummmmm i am going on yayay! lets hear some katy perry! (not metro station just kidding) lmao. bye
were all singing "dont stop believin' by journey"
dont stop BELIEVIN!

Monday, October 13, 2008


my idol is on the cover of BLENDER mag!!!!!! woooohooo! you go, girl. as you know, Katy Perry is my official idol. i read and emailed Katy and YESSSSSSSSS i am +positive+ (got it primary source that Katy HATES miley)
because mileys a skanky whore.
who happened to take Katy Perrys music. BITCH! check this out also on my also source.

Katy Perry joked in a recent interview that she was hoping to do her own version of the infamous Madonna lesbian kiss with Miley Cyrus at the upcoming Teen Choice Awards.
Looks like Miley doesn't have a sense of humor.
The annoying Disney star told E!, "No thanks. She sang on my record. So I think she's kind of getting back at me, because she was doing harmonies and backgrounds."
Well, when we reached Miz Katy Perry for comment, she told us exclusively, "6 weeks in a row at number one."
Yup, while Katy's I Kissed A Girl is the #1 song in America yet again - for the 6th straight week - Miley's 7 Things is already dropping at radio.
"And she recorded two of my old songs," adds Perry.
Take THAT Miley!


kaci says – reply to this
jenny says – reply to this

GENstar says – reply to this
HAHA take that
me says – reply to this
first!miley is a bithkaty ROCKS!
#1Me says – reply to this
FIRST Biotch!!

lalapisani says – reply to this
miley sucks!!!!

lalapisani says – reply to this
kate perry ROCKS
j says – reply to this
miley is such a skanky little cunt. i wish she would just go the fuck away.
Ashle says – reply to this

no one likes miley
at least i dont
so she can go die or be a "virgin" with her wannabe underwear model bf.
katy perry dont like u. it was for show
get over urself.

"Let's face it - Miley Cyrus is a whore. I do hope that she gets a virus down there so that Lindsay stays away."
- Kathy Griffin told the audience at the Montreal Just for Laughs Comedy Festival

Saturday, October 11, 2008

hot n cold lyrics!

what youve been waiting for! its HERE! YAYAY!

Lyrics !

gma comes to town today. thanks for commenting, be sure to do it more. YAYAYAY! i have a vimeo! the HURL ((not URL... HURL)) is
well i lubb katy perry, she is the truth. and i am kat. i love me. i AM love. and uhh yeahh. thats why. so your question is answered. ALLS GOOD IN THE HOOD!
i desperatly need to get my nails done now that i have a few days off
what designs should i get?
i think i might wanna copy katy & do the "fuck you" on the middle finger. although, i DO go to a cathiolic school and we're not supposed to wear the polish anyway... imagine if she sees "fuck you" written on my middle finger. whatevs
i really dont care
thats the beauty of being ME!
do you believe i have had this blog for like, two years or something. i wanna put up someee VIDS on my vimeo so that you can check it out! . and sadly, (but happily in an amazing way), katy perry is my only buddy =) so make one and request me so i can therefore have TWO buddies! mwahaha. love, kat. lol, ttyl, swak!

Friday, October 10, 2008

hi guys!!!

hi guys!!!! lately, ive been coming more overly-obsessed with katy perry. lol. but seriously she is so friggin coll. shes the sheeots! i even made a vimeo so be sure to make one too, and check mine out! i even requested katy and she accepted!
today, i went to maremas after school. we have off on monday. YAY! oh, and ive been developing a copy-cat obsession, also, for katy perry's style, makeup, and even kitty purry's collar! its a blue collar with red bow. spoiled cat. ahh well. there both AWESOME! lol. so... i am sitting at the computer drinking lipton green tea ((not diet)).
today in school, me & rooney were singing hot n cold all day lmao.
check out the hot n cold video
please comment on this blog
and get a damned vimeo!
dont worry, i still love you alll!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

hey. ihaveeee no school today. but i have to go to school tomorro, not monday! yay! its like a mini-break. tomorrow is the new season of degrassi & i am so excited. i w wondering if any of you saw the hot n cold video by katy perry (my fave artist and my official idol)? if you didnt, watch it! if u did, should i get my hair cut like hers? i like it & i have the same face shape as her but will it look good on me? well, i woke up early (at around 8) & im ''blogging'' on my nintenddo ds. be sure to check out katy perry (and kitty purry)s blog at
+ kitty purry is in Hot N cold!
craving for dairy queen with none around here. =(
i live there

hey. ihaveeee no school today. but i have to go to school tomorro, not monday! yay! its like a mini-break. tomorrow is the new season of degrassi & i am so excited. i w wondering if any of you saw the hot n cold video by katy perry (my fave artist and my official idol)? if you didnt, watch it! if u did, should i get my hair cut like hers? i like it & i have the same face shape as her but will it look good on me? well, i woke up early (at around 8) & im ''blogging'' on my nintenddo ds. be sure to check out katy perry (and kitty purry)s blog at
+ kitty purry is in Hot N cold!
craving for dairy queen with none around here. =(
i live there

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

baaaaaaaaaaack! hee hee

yo! i was wondering ... COMMENT YOUR ANSWER PLEASE! shud i dye my hair back To black? and get blue contacts? i think so! & of course do soft "katy perry" (my idols) hair waves. personally/l like that suggestion. i am leaving to ride my bike & hang out with Angela n AndreA bye!

baaaaaaaaaaack! hee hee

yo! i was wondering ... COMMENT YOUR ANSWER PLEASE! shud i dye my hair back To black? and get blue contacts? i think so! & of course do soft "katy perry" (my idols) hair waves. personally/l like that suggestion. i am leaving to ride my bike & hang out with Angela n AndreA bye!

today at school i got sick & threwup at least four times so i got out early. im on my blog with the nintendo ds browser. i did my blogs template & profile again. like it? idont knoeee what i should be for halloween but here are some of my choices:
cocktail bunny
kandy korn
candy corn witch
if you are my buddy or if you knoee me, (i dont accept just anyone) here is the link to my kick-ass aimpage...
overall, i looked great today. i was five minutes late which is nawt nawt fair because they still gave me a late pass! so... ohh yeah! idid y makeup really good in the car. my cup of soup is ready. & ill write in bout a halfhour. byeeeeee!
the queeeeen

school todayyyyyy. =o

Monday, October 6, 2008

back. lol

okay so continuing with more info. hmm lemme think, my party was amazing && lemme give you soe insiders on whats going on in school *8th grade year*
my friends in class
overly-obsessed with masson musso. a little rough around the edges but so loveable i cant help but have her as one of my best friends. did i mention shes really coool? pretty good taste in music but the only boy for her is masson! respects me as a bff<333
woah! this girl is sooo sweet. hilarious person who can always make me feel better. her, also, i cant help but have her as my bestie! ohh && she has her name written on everything. so muchh in common with her. always knoes hawt gossip. respects me as a bff<333
sometimes she can get annoying but who doesnt? shes hyper ALL the time... thats why i love her! says the most random things that i cant help but laugh at. shares some things in common even though we're totally opposite = P
funny kid! hes cool && popular plus really nice to me and thats why hes coool bc hes NOT a jerk like some other people i knoe., hes confident and plays by his own rules, like me, and thats why hes my friend!
chris rooney. we've had many ups & downs but when someone is terribly mean to me i knoee he will stick up for me and he can be nice i just dont like when hes mean. thats the only thing... he has to learn to follow his RULES not everyone elses. yet he can make me crack up in the middle of class with just one look. haha.
this kid, i would have to donate hot n cold to him because he has his bitchy "pms"-y moments but is soft on the inside. he has those little mood swings but jsut like chris, he can be nice, id just like to see that more. funny, though.
hee hee, how can i describe him? well, for one, he's HILAROUS. woahh he makes fun of people without hurting their feelings because he defends them as well. softy. he doesnt like when people are mean to each other
this child has mental problems! jk. in the middle of class he will say "ahem katrina" and them i look and he'll say "shut up" and then laugh. he is the kind who jokes around and gets away with it and thats what makes him funny, or is it just when he randomly gets up and dances?


so sorry i havent wrote. ive been extremely busy since this is my 8th grade year. its great so far. the morning of my party ((oct 4)) i had to serve detention for being late! ahhhh! it was like HELL . except... on earth. = P
wellL my party was kick-ass. i got ohh-dee gifts && i love everysingle one of them
an extra thing i got is katy perry ((my idol)) her phone number which i am not giving to anyone. i gotta go but i will write soon. and did i mention i turned 13 yearrrs young sept. 26th? gotta go! aight. bye!