Friday, October 17, 2008

why, hello. lmao

i am supposed to be doing "homework" but if i said i wanted to go on my blog i would get in trouble. I am doing my homework though (little by little)
today was like, an amazingly hilarious day of overdosing the laughter. =)
wanna knoe what went on?
go on that site. i am ADDICTED to it. comment bad on all the bitchy teachers!
i meant to say that robbie is a poor little hooligan who has pink eye so i dedicate this post to him. =) ROBBIE YOU ROCK FEEL BETTER! WE ALL MISS YOU!
anyway, Mr.Migilliputty was being a jerk to everyone today and i really dont like him so please comment on him
STEP TWO: comment on mr.mcgilliputty
and ms.novak was just PMSing OHHDEE! she took away my assignment pad just because i was bored in her class and then when i asked for help she said you shoulda been paying attention. and i said "I GOT THE NOTES" and waved the book in her face. later when i went to "retrieve" the book i laughed in her face when she said "paticulaa" so she yelled at me and told me to leave. Ms.Celllio told me to go back and be serious this time. so i did. i giigled. GET OUT!!!! then i had to literally walk out wait two seconds and enter the room again. finally i got it back so now i wanna make a "ASSIGNMENT PAD GAME" and add it to my blog. that should be enough to enteratin you guys. =)
i will make it especially for you and the levels will have different teachers! awesomeness
the kids in the "corner" always have "parties" - claims ms. cellio
okay so one thing to say about that. WTF?!? i am a witness and i prove her WRONG
ms. cellio, you have the right to remain silent, anything you do and say will be held against you in the court of law. you have the right to an attorney......
i am currently waiting for an invite from Brianna to go ice-skating. thanks for inviting me vice!!!
speaking of vice... vote for me! i hadnt got the chance to make a new video but i will. and this one (hopefully) wont be funny. =P
why does ms. c always say "might as well take a match and light it to your parents money"
i dont get it.
its a CATHIOLIC school
shes supposed to BOOST our self-esteem
not lower it to the point of FLAMES AND ASHES!
shes telling us were nothing but chimney-sweeps! (metaphorically speaking)
so im gonna try to make the game
and get back to "homework"
i love you all!