Thursday, October 16, 2008

"im baaaaaack (scary voice)" says me "hoooray (sarcastic voice)"

I called Katy Perry and left like 20 voicemails for her. I even advertised for my pontless blog that was meant for stalkers lmao. So, Katy, if you are reading this, "Hi, sorry about wasting your time leaving a trillion messages! Just remember ILY!" Today was the best computer class ever despite what I said earlier when I said that it was gay, which it usually is but on this one occasion, it wasn't. Would you like to know why today was the best computer class over all? even if you don't want to know, I will tell you anyway. =)
Today, we got to put music on our webpages and since I sad next to Brianna, it wasn't my normal seating arrangement, so, I didn't really have to workb(and he didn't notice) so I made a post on my blog, then I went on and on Youtube. I blasted "Hot 'N Cold" by Katy Perry, "Use Your Love" by Katy Perry and "If You Can Afford Me" by Katy Perry as well. Pearl was giving me a bitchy additude today. What the hell is her problem and why did she talk to me like that who does she think she is? Her and D'Anna have been like BFF's lately and leaving me and Brianna out! That's not right and I'm sorry if I sound like a little bitch but still they can't takk to me like that I never did shit to them. Then, at the end of the day, I stood first on line (which I always do) and Pearl starts telling me, "D'Anna is first, blah blah, she wants to be first for one, blah blah blah". So she starts talking to me like I am a retard and tugging on my shirt so I said to her "DONT TOUCH ME!", her & D'Anna went to the back of the line. I think maybe THATS why I put Brianna at the top! My physical was rescheduled. You wouldn't believe who I saw there! Shaneminem also known at firstly, Shanaynae! I said "Hi, Shanaynae!", he just laughed. Me and Nick Malizia are getting along well. Lately, I am trying to see the good in people but I just can't see the good in Pearl lately. After computer, I realized that Pearl and D'Anna had told Chris Rooney that I was gonna be Katy Perry or whatever she will be for Halloween. Then he said "You won't look good as Katy Perry, you'll look like a Hawaiian Katy Perry", then Pearl and D'Anna starting doing Hula Girl "Hot then your cold" and I got REALLY pissed. I tried this Avena oatmeal drink its delishhh. lol. i would vote it "Most likely to: give someone gas". lol. i have Social Studies tonight. But you can basically do it in class (which i did) because she thinks that your taking notes when in actuality you are doing the homework. We are doing the elections on Election Day (which is when?) and iI jus want to let you all know I really want to be class president. VOTE FOR ME! I PROMISE YOU THAT I WILL BRING IN CUPCAKES EVERY SATURDAY, TRY TO CONVINCE MS.BROWNE FOR MORE DRESS DOWN DAYS AND CLASS PARTIES. PLUS, I WILL BNE NICE TO EVERYONE AND WRITE GOOD THINGS ABOUT ALL OF YOU ON MY BLOG AND UHH IF YOU HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS OR THINGS THAT YOU WANT.. COMMENT AND I WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOUR WISH IS MY COMMAND. ALSO IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE VICE PRES., LET ME KNOW AND BE SURE TO SIGN YOUR NAME AND LET ME KNOW WHO YOU ARE SO I CAN DECIDE. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HOW MUCH OF MY FRIEND YOU ARE, I WILL MAKE IT AS FAIR AS POSSIBLE. WANT THE BATHROOMS RENNOVATED? YOU GOT IT! HALF HOUR TALK TIME THROUGHOUT THE DAY? YOU GOT IT! LONGER LUNCH PERIODS? YOU GOT IT! MATH NOT AS GAY? YOU GOT MY WORD! VOTE KATRINA C. FOR CLASS PRESIDENT. I AM KATRINA AND I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE. CHECK OUT MY VIMEO WHERE I POST AN AD FOR CLASS PRESIDENT. I WANT THIS! Back to my life... My dad told me he wants me off his line and that he'd rather pay the 200 dollars to get you off his line. I am getting really mad at him because all he does is yell at me for no reason whatsoever. I meant to ask what acrylics should I get?
Some 'shrooms, music notes? If you have any suggestions please comment. Remember how much I love every single one of you who visits my site! Peace out, girl scout!
And "Hi, Brianna! I know your reading this, thanks for visiting my site so often! Comment as many times as you want (minimum - 8 comments lol)"
and all of you who visit and comment often, we'll call you Briannas! Peace out, Girl scout (for real this time).
(The Homicidal Phsyco Jungle Kat -Calvin and Hobbs also known as me & Brianna LMAO)


Anonymous said...

hey kat itss bre, ya comp was fun 2day! i think u n pearl should talk about this if u rele do feel bad,n tht was funny in library and lol they r all called the briannass! lmao! ur crazzy but what else is new! lol [tht was in a good way] and im goin to shananay 2mor and sayin U SAW KATRINA YESTERDAY! OMG lmao ok so ill ttyl =] ly =]


katrina (me) said...

haha i loveuuuuu and i dont feel bad at all whatsoever =)

Anonymous said...