Monday, March 24, 2008

$1 a night moovyz

i love the $ a night movie machines that are all over the a em p and "publix". the catch is youll never bring up back and end up paying a doller bc the nxt night u have to bring em back b4 SEVEN O CLAWK!!!! EW!. lolz still. they rawk.

$1 a night

ez bayke oh venn!!!!!

omg i want anotha easy bayke oven. there so much fun. frigg the ppl who say there 4 baybiez bc u can make yum dezzertz and gr8 food! i want one! can i get an AYYMEN? (lolz)


today we went to ihop and they had the coolest horton hears a who stuff based on dr suess like beezelnut splash which was soda with blueberry and strawberry jello in it and i got it too!, cool pancakes that were stacked blue syrup which was boysenberry and pink syrup which was rasberry and a pink lollipop on top and colorful chocolate syrup!, *i was gonna try but i could not resist because my fave... stuffed french toast bacon comboo* AND THEY EVEN HAD GREEN EGGS AND HAM!
has anyone else tried it??? you tell me about it!

whatd uuu get 4 easter??? whatd u give??? TELL ME! heres what i got:::
new ds game
hair stuff
hair products
abercrombie shopping promise (this weekend xD)
stufd animallz

love u <3 katrina

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

bye miami

I played club penguin til late. My penguin is biffer9908. Yesterday it was kind of cool out. Michelle and Melissa had to go to school but I slept. We went to visit grandma lucy and we met a dog named Athena. I have a pic of her that ill send later!
Anyway, we went shopping at target where I got mints. Not just any mints, new mints. Florida always had the good gum and mints first. Lolz
Me maria my mom and grandma lucy went to chilis where I got big mouth burger bites. It was good but I didn’t finish them. We left. When we got back to the house, michelle and Melissa were there. We went to the pool because it would be my last time there. We finally got used to the water and had so much fun. We were laughing about what if u had no legs and you had to use ur head to swim. And If ur hands were tied behind u. and if you were a bird and how to “pop” and mermaids and all that funny stuff. Lolz we had such a good time. We came to the decision that we should get a coconut as my lasy wish in florida. We got out of the pool and grabbed the “ppl fisher” lol. We thought someone could get it from the tree. Lol michelle goes “ur gonna hit my mom over the head with it!” lol I put it down. i got packed, took a shower went on club p and we left around 10 and met gennet and sonno (genett's boyfriend). on our way i had to go to the bathroom and me and my mom stopped at a nice place to refresh. i got dippin dots banna split flavored. and on our way to meet them by okeechobee, i saw a walgreens truck which i had never seen before! lol. when we met them, we went to Gen's house and stayed there for the night. we left early this morning at around 7 and were still on our way! i overheard that were coming back soon! i miss the warm weather and my family alreadY! ill write later bye...

The drive-thru dunkin donuts that we got a free smoothie at because the guy made it by accident

House we stayed in. It was huge and in orlando.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Sophie aw so cute!

Chilis by miramar parkway

Sunday, March 16, 2008


hii we just got back from the beach! ew there was a pervy lady with no top on sitting right next to us. ew! there, we were playing volleyball, swimming in the ocean, eating mcchicken sandwiches from mickey dees, burying each other in sand (me and michelle), and building random piles of sand. omg and on our way out, we had to wait for melissa and her dad and we wanted a coconut from one of the palm trees so me and michelle got the volleyball from the car and i asked random people if they "were strong and could get it down". then a black guy said okay i think i can do it and he tossed my volleyball up and a coconut almost....... oh no! he actually got my volleyball stuck in the highest palm tree at the beach. some nice guy took a huge rock and tried to get it down but the rock got stuck up in the tree too. in the car, michelle was playing on my ds and i downloaded the sims 2 on my razr and i played it. it was an hour ride. well now i gotta take a shower and wash this nasty dirty sand off! bye!

My ball got stuck in this tree

Saturday, March 15, 2008


we went to the mall and there were so many nice stores in the dolphin mall! on our way out melissa got a milk chocolate decadice at Godiva, Michelle got a blackberry ice cream-ish sorbet at parmalat and i got a vanilla malt shake at johnny rockets. me and my mom got into an argument. she held my drink because i had to get into the car and i had a hard time doing that because of my neck spazz. she was holding the drink by the lid... and then
SPLOOSH! it fell onto the floor. not spilling but the low-fat whipped cream splattered onto me and all over my hand. I was so pissed and i threw a wad of cream onto the car seat. she got mad and said not to talk to her and from then on, she wouldn't let me have my malt. finally we stopped at walgreens and there, we waited in the car... me michelle and melissa. we read the ingredients on the shampoo and were trying to pronounce them all. there was one called methylchloroisothiazolinone. try to pronnounce that! lolz.
we put shampoo on our lips and licked it. then you can blow a bubble. when maria and my mom came back from the car they got me pain meds and icy hot for my neck. we went to publix to rent 2 movies and get popcorn. we picked up ice breakers dragonfruit freezer ice cubes gum, kettle corn, butter popcorn, and a hubba bubba squeeze lollipop. on our way out, we went to the machine to rent dvd's and we got premonition which i already saw and employee of the month. now, theyre watching "real premonitions" part of the special features. i had to info you on all this. so bye!



The mall were at



Bobby. So cute!

miami mall!

we just came out of the pool. we were playing shark and volleyball. during the 3rd game of volley ball, my neck started killing me! now, my neck has some sort of knot. i cant tilt my head to the left and this hurts soo bad! oh and hi pearl! hows it going in yonkers???
well now were all getting ready to go to the dolphin mall. its a little mall with stores and a movie theater. i cant wait. when i get there ill take a pic of it! well i gotta take a shower to wash the cloreen off of me so bye!


i slept late because me maria michelle and my mom were up telling scary stories! they wer soo scary! michelle and maria woke me up and im ready to goto the pool. i cant wait!


Friday, March 14, 2008

were here!

hey were in miami. i'm at my cousins house on the computer and were waiting for my other cousin melissa to get home so we can play taboo. <3 bye

Rained and were almost go miami

Thats a hot car thats my car

Wow a fountain

A palm tree in west palm beach. Were near publix so close!

almost there....

dont worry! were almost in miami. when i woke up this morning, we were on a bumpy road. oh and hi, pearl. blogger to go really works because ive been using my fone to take pix of the moon and shizz like that. its perfect when u wanna blog on the go. well, i did my make up, got changed and then we got breakfast at dunkkin donuts. we are in FLORIDA but not in MIAMI. miami is about 6 hours into florida. last night i didnt go to sleep until 3:00 in the morning! for some reason i couldnt sleep. was it excitement? whatever the hell it was... it worked better than a power bar with a side of 3 red bulls and espresso. at dunkins' i didnt get breakfast. instead, i got a strawberry bannana smoothie. when i asked what other flavors they had... they said "oh we only have strawberry bannana" and there were no low carb bagels! wtf???
now its 71 degrees. IM SO HAPPY! i think its just kickin in that were actually doing this long road trip. oh by the way, im stuck listening to my moms stupid andy gibb music which sucks and the only reason we have to listen to it is because the stations in all the "country" states suck! and she still thinks there like that in miami! does she realize that miami is a party state? one of the many? when my mom stopped at around 2 a.m. to get gas it happened to be in carolina. me and genett knew they all looked like weird hillbillies. when my mom came out, she said that they all talked like reba, who happens to be my fave star (well one of em). lolz.
ill write when i get there.... bye!

The actual florida trees

Thursday, March 13, 2008

We passed virginia! When we were there, we stopped and went to the bathroom. But we bought snax like a power bar, beef jerkey, combos and pretzels. Right now were on 95 south heading for north carolina! On my moms car, it says the temperature and the higher the temperature gets, the closer we get to florida. Its 12 : 37 and ill keep you updated


we passed new jersey and were passing maryland then were going into virginia. when we pass virginia i thiink we should play "only the good die young" because it says virginia. hehehe. when we pass al the carolinas we should play "sweet caroline remix" lol .

in jersey, when we stopped, i got burger king chicken fries. there chickeen... in the shape of a fry. oh and i got a dutch apple pie. yum.

heres the ROAD TRIP RAP:

ate chicken fries
and a dutch aplle pie
but the trip did not begin
because when i looked in the mirror
i had apple on my chin

at least i got the whole backseat to myself..
dont gotta share it with any one else
it may be packed with my gear
the road trip feels long, like a year,
dont worry i wont TEAR!

passing tolls
were almost at our goal
on our way to miami
dont forget
to feed the pet
pet smart people!
be nice to my cat or ill hit your steeples (wtf lol)

blast the music
i can feel tha heat
i wanna burst out dancing on my feet
but i cant get out the car
or thell drive away
and go far.

now im gunna sleep
when i wake up the SUNSHINE stayte will be there for me to see





we are going! were actualy going! in the car is me (taking up the whole back seat), Genett [juhnet] and my mom. They are taking turns driving and say we should be in miami by 11 o' clock in the morning! since genett took her laptop adnd has an aircard, im on her laptop to fill you in on everything on our way! an aircard allows you to go on the internet anywhere.

right now were passing jersey. im eatingh the mini glazed french cruellers that my dad gave me to eat on my way. by the way...
everyone, dont be afraid to leave comments and check this blog out as much as you can because ill be adding new things always!
love katrina

The sky on our way to miami! Hey dudes!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Welcome to Miami

okay, here's the deal. i was eavesdropping and i heard that tomorrow (super late night) that we are (90 %) chance going to Miami!!! thats so cool! i am so excited and i have the whole day to pack my stuff and hop in the backseat of my moms hot red 2door car and head off to miami in my abercrombie bathing suit! wooo-hooo!
oh and here we go :


in my current state of the union blog

in my current state of the union blog
text movies
Easter break
movie theaters


im here to tell you whats in my purse. ill tell you what purse im using for the week or time being and you can comment on whats in yours!!!
this week ive been using an abercrombie bag. its white with a huge moose on the front.
heres whats in it:
1. ice breakers sours (berry flavors)
2. Luna bars and wrappers.
3. my cells (yes yes all of them)
4.hard candy mini nail polishes (bored sometimes... heheh)
5. makeup bag
6.wallet (yes its the coach one.)
7.clif shot blocks (energy chews!)
8. olay quench body mousse
9. aerie blushing
10. ipod and headphones
11. tide to go (im a messy person!)
13. and a mini rubix cube jr. that i solved once but i messed it up because i thought i could do it again.
so ... for my ending question....
Whats in your purse???

My baby sagwa


lol i named this blog post up diz ate. lol! i now play volleyball and i must admit i am pretty dam good. today i went to amandas and we chilled. we went outside. (i played hoockey iif you were wondering.) i practiced with her 4 volleyball bc i brought my ball. ummmmmm yesterday we had volley ball practice. it was pearls birthday. me and liz discovered a new hot way of watching a movie without even being together (its free for me bc shes in my fave 5). heres what to do. you text each other the comments on the movie and during every commercial call each other and talk either about the movie or commercials like you would in real life. its reall fun and so hot. its funny too! we love the movies on lifetime (channel 45 if you have IO) theyre on every night at 9:00 p.m. and they are so dramatized! we call it text-movie. let me use it in a sentence. ahem..."so are you up for a text-movie tonight?"
seee? it sound so hot and sofisticated! lol! we have practice tomorrow which works well since i have off!
the new best lotion that you can ever use, ever is OLAY QUENCH BODY MOUSSE! it rawks!
keep reaading for my next.... WHATS IN YOUR PURSE???

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


UPDATE! whats up? i really dont care! what do you think about me not caring? i still dont care! lol

well i bought the most delish gum ever! ICE BREAKERS RASBERRY SORBET gum! like, wow! you wouldnt believe how well that would fulfill ur craving if u wanted like candy or something. well, in school, i couldnt stop chewing it. i gave up gum for lent but i figured that its ok if i skip a day of giving up. that gum causes trouble. well i went downstairs and ms. browne was there and i quickly turned away because she saw me when i was in the midst of blowing a bubble! "can i see you in my office for a minute?" i looked around. i thought maybe she wasnt calling me. "me?"

"yea! u!" (by now i was thinking she was mad.). i stepped in her office. "spit out the gum!" she yelled "WHO THE F*** DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?!?!?" ( she didnt actually say the "effing" part. sorry. i had to throw it in there). on friday is my biffer, pearls, sleepova party and we get out early. i know well all stay up late that night and i have to serve detention from 8:00 a.m. til 9:00 a.m. and i HAVE to go. boo hoo =(

i kinda thought she was kidding when she said that if i kept on being late id have to "join her" on a saturday. im kindof scared to be there on MY SATURDAY with a grumpy bird who hasnt got her worm yet because maybe she hadnt noticed but im a night owl and i like my sleep and nobody and i mean NOBODY can take that away. except her. every time i explain to her that i like to sleep and i cant makee the commitment of waking up at seven 30 ayy emm! how annoyin!

i tell the world im going to be an actress! actresses say "shizzzz" to school. i actually was in an alzheimers commercial at 2 years old but thats the past. i can finally persue my careeer in being a successful actress!

tomorrow i am going to maremas. then on thursday, the westchester to shop for like everything, and friday is pearls party and we get out at 11:30. yay!

the rest of the week will go greAt but my saturday morning is screwed so ffar on the sleeping schedule. and after that pearl and her mom will pick me up from that and take me back to the house and well go back to sleep and later, at around 1, the gym!

well gotta go have fun on a weeknight because now im gonna say screw ms. browne and get her pissed bc ill stay up late and be LATE tomorrow. on purpose!

at least you know my schedule!


Monday, March 3, 2008

if u wanna c more...

if you wanna see sum funny crap on youtube, go to youtube and type in the searchbox grandyzgrump123
its not me but its my dad! comment!



whats up?
i am at the library and its 2 quiet! my mom had to come so of course, i had to tag along and when i asked if i could wait in the car she said "no" straight up. i was like all whining and stuff. =]
yesterday was Sunday and i marched in the St. Patty's day parade. if you saw a pretty grl on news 12... that was me! hahahaha. im soo funny. well the deal was if you marched in the parade, youd get dress down the next day. but i wasnt feeling good so i didnt get the dress down day and i hope i am reimbursed for the dress down! no fair!!! no fair!!!no fair!!!no fair!!!no fair!!!no fair!!!
well, i am getting really bored here.


Saturday, March 1, 2008


i hate bugs. if u know me, u kno that. well at dinner, i was sitting in my usual spot and there was a silverfish over my head and i ran. when i came back they said it was gone but i know that it wasnt because i saw it drop basiclly into mi plate of food! ew! well now me n mandee r going to make videos and commercials. bii!