Friday, March 14, 2008

almost there....

dont worry! were almost in miami. when i woke up this morning, we were on a bumpy road. oh and hi, pearl. blogger to go really works because ive been using my fone to take pix of the moon and shizz like that. its perfect when u wanna blog on the go. well, i did my make up, got changed and then we got breakfast at dunkkin donuts. we are in FLORIDA but not in MIAMI. miami is about 6 hours into florida. last night i didnt go to sleep until 3:00 in the morning! for some reason i couldnt sleep. was it excitement? whatever the hell it was... it worked better than a power bar with a side of 3 red bulls and espresso. at dunkins' i didnt get breakfast. instead, i got a strawberry bannana smoothie. when i asked what other flavors they had... they said "oh we only have strawberry bannana" and there were no low carb bagels! wtf???
now its 71 degrees. IM SO HAPPY! i think its just kickin in that were actually doing this long road trip. oh by the way, im stuck listening to my moms stupid andy gibb music which sucks and the only reason we have to listen to it is because the stations in all the "country" states suck! and she still thinks there like that in miami! does she realize that miami is a party state? one of the many? when my mom stopped at around 2 a.m. to get gas it happened to be in carolina. me and genett knew they all looked like weird hillbillies. when my mom came out, she said that they all talked like reba, who happens to be my fave star (well one of em). lolz.
ill write when i get there.... bye!