Thursday, March 13, 2008


we passed new jersey and were passing maryland then were going into virginia. when we pass virginia i thiink we should play "only the good die young" because it says virginia. hehehe. when we pass al the carolinas we should play "sweet caroline remix" lol .

in jersey, when we stopped, i got burger king chicken fries. there chickeen... in the shape of a fry. oh and i got a dutch apple pie. yum.

heres the ROAD TRIP RAP:

ate chicken fries
and a dutch aplle pie
but the trip did not begin
because when i looked in the mirror
i had apple on my chin

at least i got the whole backseat to myself..
dont gotta share it with any one else
it may be packed with my gear
the road trip feels long, like a year,
dont worry i wont TEAR!

passing tolls
were almost at our goal
on our way to miami
dont forget
to feed the pet
pet smart people!
be nice to my cat or ill hit your steeples (wtf lol)

blast the music
i can feel tha heat
i wanna burst out dancing on my feet
but i cant get out the car
or thell drive away
and go far.

now im gunna sleep
when i wake up the SUNSHINE stayte will be there for me to see