Tuesday, March 18, 2008

bye miami

I played club penguin til late. My penguin is biffer9908. Yesterday it was kind of cool out. Michelle and Melissa had to go to school but I slept. We went to visit grandma lucy and we met a dog named Athena. I have a pic of her that ill send later!
Anyway, we went shopping at target where I got mints. Not just any mints, new mints. Florida always had the good gum and mints first. Lolz
Me maria my mom and grandma lucy went to chilis where I got big mouth burger bites. It was good but I didn’t finish them. We left. When we got back to the house, michelle and Melissa were there. We went to the pool because it would be my last time there. We finally got used to the water and had so much fun. We were laughing about what if u had no legs and you had to use ur head to swim. And If ur hands were tied behind u. and if you were a bird and how to “pop” and mermaids and all that funny stuff. Lolz we had such a good time. We came to the decision that we should get a coconut as my lasy wish in florida. We got out of the pool and grabbed the “ppl fisher” lol. We thought someone could get it from the tree. Lol michelle goes “ur gonna hit my mom over the head with it!” lol I put it down. i got packed, took a shower went on club p and we left around 10 and met gennet and sonno (genett's boyfriend). on our way i had to go to the bathroom and me and my mom stopped at a nice place to refresh. i got dippin dots banna split flavored. and on our way to meet them by okeechobee, i saw a walgreens truck which i had never seen before! lol. when we met them, we went to Gen's house and stayed there for the night. we left early this morning at around 7 and were still on our way! i overheard that were coming back soon! i miss the warm weather and my family alreadY! ill write later bye...


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