Tuesday, March 4, 2008


UPDATE! whats up? i really dont care! what do you think about me not caring? i still dont care! lol

well i bought the most delish gum ever! ICE BREAKERS RASBERRY SORBET gum! like, wow! you wouldnt believe how well that would fulfill ur craving if u wanted like candy or something. well, in school, i couldnt stop chewing it. i gave up gum for lent but i figured that its ok if i skip a day of giving up. that gum causes trouble. well i went downstairs and ms. browne was there and i quickly turned away because she saw me when i was in the midst of blowing a bubble! "can i see you in my office for a minute?" i looked around. i thought maybe she wasnt calling me. "me?"

"yea! u!" (by now i was thinking she was mad.). i stepped in her office. "spit out the gum!" she yelled "WHO THE F*** DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?!?!?" ( she didnt actually say the "effing" part. sorry. i had to throw it in there). on friday is my biffer, pearls, sleepova party and we get out early. i know well all stay up late that night and i have to serve detention from 8:00 a.m. til 9:00 a.m. and i HAVE to go. boo hoo =(

i kinda thought she was kidding when she said that if i kept on being late id have to "join her" on a saturday. im kindof scared to be there on MY SATURDAY with a grumpy bird who hasnt got her worm yet because maybe she hadnt noticed but im a night owl and i like my sleep and nobody and i mean NOBODY can take that away. except her. every time i explain to her that i like to sleep and i cant makee the commitment of waking up at seven 30 ayy emm! how annoyin!

i tell the world im going to be an actress! actresses say "shizzzz" to school. i actually was in an alzheimers commercial at 2 years old but thats the past. i can finally persue my careeer in being a successful actress!

tomorrow i am going to maremas. then on thursday, the westchester to shop for like everything, and friday is pearls party and we get out at 11:30. yay!

the rest of the week will go greAt but my saturday morning is screwed so ffar on the sleeping schedule. and after that pearl and her mom will pick me up from that and take me back to the house and well go back to sleep and later, at around 1, the gym!

well gotta go have fun on a weeknight because now im gonna say screw ms. browne and get her pissed bc ill stay up late and be LATE tomorrow. on purpose!

at least you know my schedule!