Tuesday, September 2, 2008

summerrrr 2008 is endinnnng*

you peopleeee suckkkk! lol because yoyu never leave comments when you visit the site! sorry I haven't been writng as often as usual. hmm lets sum up my summer (the most interesting recent things) I went to virginia with my awesome family and kept a journal while we were there. but that would take wayyyyy too long to ccopy onto the computerrr. while we were there I wentto bushhh gardens and I went to the secont biggest rolllercoasterrr in the worrrrld. the *drumroll* appollos chariottt.
none of you chicken asses wouldveeee went on that bitchhhh. haha but my picture even came out good. uhhh a little while afterrrr the 29th I believe, me & stacieee went to dorney park I rode a lot of the riddessss there. this summerr I had ohh dee sleepoverrrs. hmm my mommmmy took me to juicy at the westchesterr to get someee school supplies and the woman gaveeee me pens that theyyyy don't even selll! I am kindaaaa excited to be going backkkk but kkindaaa pissed. wordd iss that were gonna have mr. mcgillicuddy *jackass* as a science departMENTAL teacherrrr. I hated him when I wasss in 5th gradeee and I am nottt gonna likeeee him nowwww. >=o I have a lot to do todayyyy. I have to get my eyebrows done,do the dishesss, get a haircutttt, nails doneee, finish my book and report, finish my math sheet, go to maremaaaas, get my skirt hemmmmed, get the bookbaggg go to barnessss and noble and try to crammmm my friendsss matt marleeen and stacie in thereeee somehow todayyy and makeeee an attemt to get to sleeep earlllly. I neeed hellllp! couldn't they just givbe us one more day so I could be more preparedddd? well marleeeeen is sleeping anddd soon sheeee will be begginggg for herrrr phonee back. great theresss no receptionnn. haha we pulled an all nighterrr... well I did. marleeeen luckily got a few hours of sleep. so I trieddd to wakeeee herr up. I put icy water on a paperrrr towel and placed it in front of the air conditioning. then I placeeed it on herr faceeeee. hhahaha or shall I say MWAHAHA. thennnn I pickedd up sagwaaaa and I was like immma put herr on you and marleeeen was likkke dude no, I got receptionnn! gotta go! xoxo katrinnnaaaaa