Saturday, March 15, 2008


we went to the mall and there were so many nice stores in the dolphin mall! on our way out melissa got a milk chocolate decadice at Godiva, Michelle got a blackberry ice cream-ish sorbet at parmalat and i got a vanilla malt shake at johnny rockets. me and my mom got into an argument. she held my drink because i had to get into the car and i had a hard time doing that because of my neck spazz. she was holding the drink by the lid... and then
SPLOOSH! it fell onto the floor. not spilling but the low-fat whipped cream splattered onto me and all over my hand. I was so pissed and i threw a wad of cream onto the car seat. she got mad and said not to talk to her and from then on, she wouldn't let me have my malt. finally we stopped at walgreens and there, we waited in the car... me michelle and melissa. we read the ingredients on the shampoo and were trying to pronounce them all. there was one called methylchloroisothiazolinone. try to pronnounce that! lolz.
we put shampoo on our lips and licked it. then you can blow a bubble. when maria and my mom came back from the car they got me pain meds and icy hot for my neck. we went to publix to rent 2 movies and get popcorn. we picked up ice breakers dragonfruit freezer ice cubes gum, kettle corn, butter popcorn, and a hubba bubba squeeze lollipop. on our way out, we went to the machine to rent dvd's and we got premonition which i already saw and employee of the month. now, theyre watching "real premonitions" part of the special features. i had to info you on all this. so bye!