Monday, October 6, 2008

back. lol

okay so continuing with more info. hmm lemme think, my party was amazing && lemme give you soe insiders on whats going on in school *8th grade year*
my friends in class
overly-obsessed with masson musso. a little rough around the edges but so loveable i cant help but have her as one of my best friends. did i mention shes really coool? pretty good taste in music but the only boy for her is masson! respects me as a bff<333
woah! this girl is sooo sweet. hilarious person who can always make me feel better. her, also, i cant help but have her as my bestie! ohh && she has her name written on everything. so muchh in common with her. always knoes hawt gossip. respects me as a bff<333
sometimes she can get annoying but who doesnt? shes hyper ALL the time... thats why i love her! says the most random things that i cant help but laugh at. shares some things in common even though we're totally opposite = P
funny kid! hes cool && popular plus really nice to me and thats why hes coool bc hes NOT a jerk like some other people i knoe., hes confident and plays by his own rules, like me, and thats why hes my friend!
chris rooney. we've had many ups & downs but when someone is terribly mean to me i knoee he will stick up for me and he can be nice i just dont like when hes mean. thats the only thing... he has to learn to follow his RULES not everyone elses. yet he can make me crack up in the middle of class with just one look. haha.
this kid, i would have to donate hot n cold to him because he has his bitchy "pms"-y moments but is soft on the inside. he has those little mood swings but jsut like chris, he can be nice, id just like to see that more. funny, though.
hee hee, how can i describe him? well, for one, he's HILAROUS. woahh he makes fun of people without hurting their feelings because he defends them as well. softy. he doesnt like when people are mean to each other
this child has mental problems! jk. in the middle of class he will say "ahem katrina" and them i look and he'll say "shut up" and then laugh. he is the kind who jokes around and gets away with it and thats what makes him funny, or is it just when he randomly gets up and dances?


Anonymous said...

aww thnx 4 what u said about me! =] SO SWEET!!! =] ttyl ly! =]


Metro Station & Mason Musso <33333