Wednesday, January 30, 2008


In school here are my friends. and this isnt in order except for Pearl.

PEARL. my biffer for all reasons!

ROONEY (chris, but i never call him that). he's my like 8th cousin. but hes super funny and nice so hes my friend. hes coool bc he talks about the ppl i dont like and makes fun of them... and means it! but hes way too obsessed with emily and her friends. when he makes a joke about emily i laugh! but when he talks about her friends (when hes not making fun of them) i just nod my head and laugh even though i wasnt listening.

DAVE. hes mean sometimes but he tries to be funny and he is sometimes. he is my friend, too. obsessed with em and her friends just like rooney.

EVRARD i finally spelled his name right! hes nice. and kinda funny. hes cool bc he makes fun of the ppl i dont like

BOBBY the only one thats not overly-obsessed with emily and her friends. thats y hes cool. he makes good jokes and is nice too.

ROBBIE sits with me and pearl at lunch and is sooo funny. hes not funny in a perv-y way and thats cool.

TARA i wouldnt say shes my friend because she is like bffs with the girls i dont like but shes really nice and nothing makes her mean. shes really smart, too!

JOEY C. big goofbal that everyone beats up. hes a wimp, too. but he just doesnt wanna fight so thats cool. hes not. but hes nice and i think ppl are really mean to him and they shouldnt be.

JO NETO dont talk. dont laugh. but he does have a bird, hes nice and when he does talk and laugh, hes funny. he doesnt get in trouble. and hes nice.

BRIAN funny. definitly annoying but nice. actually. super annoying but nice. hes cool bc he hangs around the cool ppl .

my friends in my class rock!!!