Sunday, February 17, 2008

fight of ur LIFE

Me and my cousin amanda ("mand") were running from my cousin, amanda's brother, joey because he was hiting us when we were under the blanket that was hanging on the clothesline and "flowing with the wind". Amanda first pushed nick-nick down, their 2 year old brother who is a door and a ball. <33. Well she pushed him down, closed the doors and we ran up the stairs to richie millers house. We left thru the front door and ran around to the car. We waited in the car for a little while because we didn't wantjoey to catch us. Joey wasn't around. There was no sight of him. We dashed for aunt kims house...
Finally, we were safe. Manda made sure all the possible ways that joey could come in were locked... and they were; so he couldn't get in. There was no way. But he came to the door and started banging but there was no way we were gonna let joey in. Then I guess he gave up. We started watching tv with aunt kim. It was some segment on channel 13 on an ancient drum. We were trying to guess how much it was worth and it was 7 thousand bucks! Any way aunt kim didn't want us there any more so we were laughing at that fact. Amanda slowy walked over to the bathroom and aunt kims room is on the right side... I followed. I screamed! I saw something that appeared to have a green image jump in from the window that was in aunt kims room! The whole house was loud now, because of me and amanda yelping. The green thing attacked amanda. A part of me wanted to see what it was and help amanda and the other half wanted to run for my life! Then I remembered joey was wearing green! I walked over and saw them beating each other. I tried to help amanda but joey stepped on my foot that had no shoes! Ow!
Amanda and joey were beating each other senseless! Joey got on top of amanda and started punching. Amanda got hold of a big bottle and knocked joey in the head with it. Amanda kicked joey in the nuts and they kept on hitting each other. It was crazy. Finally me and mand ran upstairs and locked the door. Later we took the table that was on the porch and put a blanket over it. We put a whole bunch of pillows and made it face the city of yonkers. Too bad it was freezing out. We made tea and that warmed us up. We are making another one because we took the last one down and it looks even more beautiful because its nicer out and all the buildings are lit. is lit up. This time, we will make hot coco. Bii!


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