Friday, April 25, 2008

today here is wat went on

2day was gym class in the morning we had switches we played the review game iin math class which pretty much suked besides the point that my row won and we all got 5 extra points on our s.s we had a sub, mr. martin and he gave us some stupid allergies were really bad 2day. i went down to the office to call my mom and maybe she cud drop off my medicine but NO0Osshe coudn't come. during science we plantedd which iss pretty gay and pretty and gay. i threw the soil at joey's face, he was bugging me. he was in my group, believe me i didnt pik our was me robbie,pearl,and joey. we had to plant little stupid seeds in a stupid yogurt container and stupid ms. novak had to stupidly spray our plants with her dumb water mist which was also stupid.. we went down to lunch grandy packed my lunch cuz i slept at there house last night.OH!that reminds me last might my mom wen she was at work i had to be piked up from skool by aunt lisa, i went to aunt lisa's job and watched this stupid lifetime movie called dreamland..wen we left shse still had to get her eyebrows done but it only yook five minutes..she dropped me off at my house, i had waited until 9 o clock for my mom, but she still did not get bak.. i cudnt call cuz even though i had my fone it was disconnected cuz the bill, we cud only get incomin texts and calls.. so0o iwent up to mary, for an hour trying to get a hold of my mom, and we called aunt lisa.. again.,and shse came to wait with me until 10:30 and maybe my mom would come..i had to leavae and go to mearm's cuz i was arguing wit her(i'll tell u wat the fight was about l8r) .. yet we hugged and we made up cuz i kinda felt bad..i luv my grandparents and my family and kayla..and i luv all of you guys.then i spent the night but that night aunt lisa got a hold of my mom just before i went into the shower. grandy agreed to drive me to skool in the morning and he did. ne way bak to lunch me rooney and pearl sat 2gether even though i have been fight in wit pearl cuz she's been annoying. recess ms. novak made us "practice being quiet" in the halls during a part of recess. and then right after recess us girls went to gym. today we had the american hart ASSociation jump for heart thing. mr willl brought in a cd for us to jump to but the cotton eyed joe was on it so i started dancing and everyone. i mean EVERYONE joined in. we had a fire drill today and ms browne told me the buildign was gonna exsplode and i started running except that my knee hurt bc i hurt it. now im about to leave kayla and giovannis. ill write tomorrow! love you alll! bii bii



Anonymous said...

wow that looks really long that probably took u a long time to write and i guess u got a lot 2 tlk]♥

kayla said...

i forget wat i was gunna say... dont kno wat to say now =]=]