Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Valentine's Day Dance

The dance was sooo much fun! We all met up at D'Anna's house. Me Pearl Claritza and Brianna. I did all of their make-up... and I gotta admit I did such a kick-ass job. When we got there the dance was a snoozer! But the moment our little Clique started dancing, everyone, I mean everyone, was dancing and having a really good time. Besides certain people, and they know who they were, recording us, it was amazing... oh and the reckless flirting going on between two people and my cousin getting jealous. I gotta say that this Catholic school can really throw a good party that gives us kids that club-like vibe (Thank you Real World!) lol. Well we had the lights and music not the drink spikers and "dancers" thank the good Lord lol. The best part was that me and my friends were the ones right in front of the light and well, the center of attention, so everyone could see us haha. And me and Pearl kept on doing that dance move where you slide your arms and then we were trying to spin really fast without falling, but we fell every time lol. I have to upload some videos to my YouTube (h0llywoodland) and by the way, you can catch up with me by looking at this site I made for me and my friends.
Katrina <3