Wednesday, June 18, 2008

nick-my cousin

amanda wasnt getting along with my aunt joette and amanda was yelling in one room and aunt jo was standing in the halls. nick comes into the room and slams the door on aunt jo's face and locked it. he said "there, now shut up. the doors locked. shes gone." he exhaled deeply standing behind the door. aunt jo was getting pissed bc she thought amanda slammed the door. amanda yelled at nick saying "dont slam and lock doors" like she CARED. he said "i dont give a fu**" she screamed at him. he said "bitch!" and amanda smashed the door backwards and it bashed his teensy weensy little hand. "AAAAHHh!!!! MANDA HOIT ME, MA! SHE HOIT MEEE!!!" aunt jo had heard him call amanda a bitch and she put him in punsishment. he was sitting on aunt jo's lap and headbutted her with his white-blond hair. hahahahahahahhahaha i was laughing hysterically!

later, we went outside. we got wet and we were gonna go in his cadillac (the baby one. haha that reminds me: me and amanda were cruising the streets with it telling people "wass good???")
but instead we decided to get wet. aunt jo was outside and she saw nick had stuff that looked like bird shit on his pants. he goes "mom i washedd myself" IT WAS SOAP!!! lolz

so i can't wait til my party and i gotta get stuff for it and get me a peddi. i wanna get pearl an evil eye bracelet and something from walgreens for the end of the year and party (eoy). bree and dee will get something from claires. well, i gotta go