Tuesday, June 17, 2008

wazz good?

well i am sleeping over marema's again. something went on fathers day and its nona. NON A YOUR BIZZNESS!!!! well everyones giving me additude here, im at kayla and giovannis. first i was on the fone and then kaylas like u cant b on it its gonna die. and then i was like i dont care. she got pissed. them i was complaining on how the house smelled like shit and then kayla spraed febreeze on me and i go "wtf is ur prob?" shes like "u!" im like ANGER ISSSUES! then i was playing in the txt to speech (start menu, control panel, sounds and etxt to speech) i was typing "hahaha bitch" and "someones getting pissed" the i got additude from aunt miggue and my mom hung up on me and told me i was being a big baby just bc i wanna go home. >:0
i just got an evil eye bracelet and its really goood luck. i took it off in class then a bug came in. the second i put the braceelet back on, rooney squasheed it! so i reccomend u get one. i got mine @ gold city on central. bea-yooutiful. i j'adore it. i wanna get one for pearl. you can't buy one 4 urserelf. someone has to give it to you with good intentons.

tooday in class we had ms. motto as a sub. haha "donkeys kick and spit" d whispers "like his mom" i go "like ur mom!!!!!!! and dont touch mt crap!" lol. ms.motto was drinking red bull and she let me sit next to dee and bree and then later we got to connect desks. i brought in my ipod. i dont know what were gonna do tomorroe i just hope ms. wacky novaky (lolz c.o.d. thnx again.) isnt in tomorrow. i really wanna watch a movie or something. her idea of fun is word puzzles. and eating shit but i dont wanna be mean because i am just kidding)

the other day i gave a letter in about the "nick m." incodent and again NONA lolz and i forgot so sign my name. so ms. wacky novaky goes arent you gonna sign ur name and i said ok. so i sign and say heres my autograph for wwhen im famous because u aint getting one then. I WAS THINKING IT I DIDNT KNOW THAT I ACTUALLY SAID IT OUT LOUD!!!!!!!!!!!!

so i went to marema's ive been getting out at 11:30 so i get to see her and grandy alot. grandy drives me in the morning, i get to school early get out early have a great day. get to shop w/ marema go on the computer and set up hger ipod.

yay mommy's here wanna gtf outta here bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

katrina dont write about me on ur stupid blog and dont try to sound so tough on it because you wouldn't actually say that to my face so shutup=PP

♥ Keet or Kat... said...

fine be that way and u know ur just scared of me bc I would say that 2 ur face so stick that in ur juice box and suck it bitch!