Saturday, November 8, 2008


yesterday i was wit stacie. ((record of 6, now beaten by 13, an unlucky number, perhaps bc i wasnt there))
we came to sleep at davids... it was fun.
[21:18] stacie again: ive been using big words for no reasonn today
[21:19] grandyzgrump123: horrendously outrageos and amazingly spectacular
[21:19] grandyzgrump123: top THAT
[21:20] grandyzgrump123: lmao
[21:20] grandyzgrump123: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
[21:21] stacie again: haha lmfao i got it
[21:21] stacie again: i like kitty's
[21:21] stacie again: hehe i win.
[21:21] grandyzgrump123: stace, i dont understand those highly college educated words you are using
[21:21] grandyzgrump123: plz stop
[21:21] stacie again: okay im sorry.
[21:21] stacie again: i wont do it again.
[21:22] stacie again: i like puppies. hahahahaha!
[21:22] stacie again: lmfaoo
[21:22] grandyzgrump123: STOP
[21:22] stacie again: i likee fishy
[21:22] stacie again: i bet yourr feeling pretty dumb right now.
[21:22] stacie again: i like bats.
[21:22] grandyzgrump123: *sigh*
[21:22] grandyzgrump123: omega-3
[21:23] grandyzgrump123: HA!
[21:23] stacie again: haha.
[21:23] stacie again: okay okay i got it now.
[21:23] stacie again: yourr gayy
[21:23] stacie again: ohhh ! uncomprehendable
[21:23] grandyzgrump123: shit
[21:24] grandyzgrump123: ahh
[21:24] grandyzgrump123: i got one
[21:24] grandyzgrump123: i AM ((lmao jk))
[21:24] stacie again: shooot.
[21:24] stacie again: lmaooo
[21:24] stacie again: nooo the words! their soo sooo hardd
[21:24] stacie again: okay i got oneeee
[21:25] grandyzgrump123: i got one that will leave you dead in your dusty tracks .
[21:26] grandyzgrump123: "cat in the hat ate a rat that made friends witha bat on a mat that someone sat
[21:26] grandyzgrump123: upon
[21:26] grandyzgrump123: "
[21:26] grandyzgrump123: = )
[21:26] grandyzgrump123: AHAHAH
[21:26] stacie again: damn.
[21:27] stacie again: you lost me at (9:26:11 PM)
[21:27] grandyzgrump123: LMAO
[21:27] stacie again: lmaoo =]
[21:28] grandyzgrump123: this part of our intensely educated coversation will go on my profile in approxomately 4 minutes and 38 seconds
[21:28] grandyzgrump123: haha
[21:28] stacie again: haha wait why four minutes/
[21:28] grandyzgrump123: idk
[21:28] grandyzgrump123: 4 i scool
[21:29] grandyzgrump123: gotta go
[21:29] stacie again: im am having a incredously hard time and it quite possibly melting the functions in my brain. it cease too amaze me.

todaY was a good day. i got purple monkey, moved to a new apartment, a haircut (like katy perry), time w/ stacie, listened to katy perry, watched tv, got to edit my aimpage && had fun!!! (;
at the restaurant, some 30-year old, ancient lady was giving me dirty looks && rolling her eyes at me so when we were walking to the car, i said something funny and she screamed "funny" to me in a sarcastic tone.... so i scrreamed "YOUR MOM!!!'' i am outspoken && a bigmouth. = ) or so i am told.