Saturday, November 1, 2008

hello i am still here!!!!!

hey guys!!!
whats upppp?
okay so i came back from long island yesterday. it was alright. i made some videos as you can see. then when i got back, i went to stacies. we went to pick up marleen and saw jonathan and josh along the way so we hung out for a bit. we bumped into gina. i heard someone scream "katrinaaaa!" i looked in the direction i heard it in, and said "gina?" so we stopped and talked for a little bit. we went back and jonathan played his guitar to impress stacie. then we got back to stacies. all night we looked on the computer for a lolita dress and we found it! it was a red one at wet seal. the only store who had it, in red. haha. all i have to do is find heart sunglasses, which is harder than it looks.
today, i got ready for school but im a lil sick. so, i stayed home. i woke up at 10 today. my throat hurts!!!!
*barfs in office uncontrollably*
"you're not sick! go back upstairs!"
my pops is on his way here. so i am gonna get going. k bye.
i am gonna try and text brianna and d'anna bc this song that just came on the radio reminded me of brianna. yep, its "Shake It" by Metro Station.

okay so, im back! i ate pizza hut P'Zone. its like a bootleg calzone. =O
and i couldnt find heart shaped glasses anywhere! but i didnt check claires, spooky town and im sure someone has to have them. if any of you have an idea where to find heart shaped glasses, comment on where to let me know. if i dont find any, i will end up buying them off of
i hope i feel better enough to hang out with stacie and marleen. yesterday, we spent forever looking for HEART SHAPED SUNGLASSES. AHHHH! so, im bored. all my friends are in schhool. heehee. bored
only four more days til Halloweenie and the excitement and anticipation is killing me? what are YOU gonna be? Sagwa-Marie is gonna be either a:
vote on what YOU think comment please!
her costume depends on you!
our halloween haunted house is in 3 days. im in the operating room. ahhh. lets get BLOODY! im a nurse. so bewareeee. watch out!
oh! i almost forgot! at rojay's (that party store that DOESNT have a website) they had the cutest erasers. theey had everything you could imagine. hes, they had a piece of shit (or was it a potato) and even a panda bear, cake, helicopter, and MORE. the name was in japenese so i didnt catch the name. it prolly sed "kingggmitchongg" but who am i kidding? i love the japenese stuff!!!
you know what i want? i sidekick slide. is it because katy perry has it? nooooo.....
= )
ahhhh! i am still sick. i feel... sick. so i didnt go to school again today. my mom left her cell home so i used it to txt. yesterday i already wrote about. it was fun but i wasnt feeling good the whole time. right now, i am watching without a trace and eating go lean crunch.

i am watching a kifetime movie called christinas house. PRINCESS DIED. =( MY BABY DIED! i am hysterical. my poor animal. yes, she was a rat, a sweet, loving one. but it was her time to go. and thats the devestating part. we had a lot of memories and good times. like when we watched the VMA's together and.... *sigh* i love and will miss you, Princess Snowflake.
i was supposed to hang out with Stacie but i am way too sick. i shouldnt have even hung out with marleen and stacie yesterday because it only made me feel SICKER. its 4:00 now, and i believe its still raining. i have a terrible headache and i just got a call from stacie but i told her that i couldnt hang. HOLY CRAP! the front door just blew open! ahhh! perftafter a scary movie. the movie was called "Christinas House"
hiiiii! today is october 30th and the haunted house for my school! i even got my props... its a scruffy blue doctors thing that they keep their hair away from your gut and bloods with. i got gloves...yes the blue ones. even the face mask thing that covers your mouth and nose.
well, tomorrow is halloween. AND I DIDNT GET MY COSTUME!!! ahh i am going to be sooo troubled because i need to get it todayyyyyy!!!! i am going to be early for school today but i have to stop at walgreens because my throat is KILLING me...
hey my day was great but computer clas... well thats adifferent story. he kicked me out for no reason! i X-ed out of something to repopen what he told me to and he says "get out!!" i was like "noooo." "GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS CKASSROOM!" (he didnt say hell)
yeaj, so thankz for nominatin me for class prez! NOT! i am devvvvvv. i will not get the chance. its TARA (pres) ANISSA (vice) TIARA (treasurrere) and idk wut else. i dont like that team and neither do my friends. but then theres the AWESOME, ELECTION-SAVING, BFF (lol) GROUP! it consists of BOBBY (pres) DAVID (vice) CHRIS (vice)
im just about to get my nails and brows dunn so peacze outttt!
i loved my nails getting done! my brows are the "kp" and nails just like her. sooo i gotta go get ready for the halloween party!
the halloween party was amazing. today is halloween and i am at davids with my mom so i am writing in bed kinda late. i got tons of candy! creepos were folowing us so we ran into a&v and met martha. lol (drag queen waitor or waitress?what do i call him her?) we went to party city with sean dior kouis ariel and stacie and m we saw a movie but except at the movie, ryan and keri were there. so the haunted house... how can i sum it all up quickly? i know!
· danced to "Low" by Flo-Rida, "Cotten Eyed Joe", "Cha Cha Slide", and "Shake It" by Metro Station ONSTAGE! I KNEW I WAS THE LIFE OF THE PARTY.
· popped out from under the operating table at the haunted house with spaghetti and sprite, yes sprite, the soda, on the floor because the spaghetti was in a bowl, meant to be "brains" and some how, it got all over the floor, smooshed all over and under and on the operating table and ended up stuck in my hair and boots. oh and the sprite just fell. plus the blood (which i was spassing bc i thougt it was mercury, the liquid metal poisin) in the saringe, SPILLED and i had to pretend like it was part of the act
· there were the curtains and only a bright strobe light so i had to lay somach down and have someone pull me to behind the curtains while screaming "help. help."
· i did a kick-ass job at acting as a dead creepy nurse and scaring people...
the kids in my class made toddlers cry!

we saw marie emily and their friends. they were babies and emily was a rocker,

idk what to write about. im just typing on my phone listening to katy peryy. right now ur so gay just ended. "you dont even need a rhyming dictionary" nts nts nts. yeaap try and guess what song those lyrics are from hint its by katy perry.

apparently me and stace arent friends anymore. so she says. idk if shes having a baddd day or if she really means it. but she sez shes gonna say shes sorry to pearl, and she is NOT meaning it. shes using pearl as "refriend" a rebound friend.
i stillL love you marleen. me u and amanda must hang out on election dayyyy bc i dont thinkkkk i have school.
wellL, amanda, you knoe what it must be! bitchy got an itchy on her twattyyyy! lmao (insiderr jokerrr)


brianna x3 [ily mason musso&metro station x3 =] said...

hey kat!!!! omg how was ur halloween?!?!?! we missed u so much!!! and im glad u txtd me after shake it tht day! lmao!! omg yes haunted house was awesome!!! and all 8th gr was life of party lmao!!! seriously tht was THE BEST! aw i hope u settle things w/ stacie=[ srry 2 hear tht...uh...what else to say lol..ok il ttyl!! ly!


brianna again! haha said...

=[ the name messed uppp lol , sense every1 cant read the whole says:::

brianna x3 [ily mason musso& metro station! =]

lol XD

staciee said...

wow katrinaa im not a completee bitchh likee you! i actually wanna say sorry you said you didnt tell pearl that ughh i seriously HATEEEE YOUUUU. YOURR THE ONE WHO RECORDED PEARL SAYING THAT ME & MARLEEN HATED HERR & IT WAS BRIANNA & D'ANNAS FAULTT

staciee said...

& wtff a re-friend! yourr seriouslyy dumb & crazyy

brianna said...

wat r u talking about? whats my fault? i didnt do anything...

brianna said...

and wat did kat record?

meee said...

uhh retarded muchhh? i "recorded" nothing. yeahhh stace, with the recorder that i always keep handy in my pocket. dont go blaming brianna and d'anna for anything. yes, a re-friend, with all the bull shit you would talk about pearl ALL THE TIME so dont fucking drag MY friends into this. if you dont wanna be friends, okay, just dont go calling me when you want more friends cause you lost every single one for being a SELFISH BITCH to everyone. get over yourself, we didnt do shit to you.

staciee (again) said...

and why dont you get over YOURSELF?! you think yourr this hot girl who everyone loves when truthfully most people hate youu.