Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas Eve!

Did you go snooping around for your gifts yet? I did! I got Wii! hahahaa. Oh shit. They had a meeting today. Ms. Reidi pulled me out of church and my mom was waiting there in Ms. Browne's office. I guess that I was in deep shit, huh? The only thing I could do to defend myself was to give her the evilest looks and talk back, yell back, whatever you call it. (Oh and if it answers your question, I DID get my cell phone back!) I am going to tht play thing today to annoy the shit out of her. Oh and SHE DIDNT GET HER FERRERO ROCHERS BC I ATE THEM! hahaha thats right i ATE them. Because if i gave them to her i wouldve chucked them at her head and told her to SHOVE IT. okay so i hope you are getting into the Christmas spirit! Hang those stockings, bitches! Hes coming to ur house tonight but dont make him cookies i think hes on a DIET. lol omg and check this out These two have been doing an awful lot of flirting and by the looks of the promo, they're back at it in Episode 9. - tch?v=azeu - MGCfKc

I also liked Jane's reaction when Lisbon called Detective Presiado "handsome man like yourself". He looked surprised and maybe even a little jealous.
His reaction is similar to Lisbon's when Jane mentions the widow in Episode 4. "You're not soft on her, are you?" "Did you say 'maybe a little'?"

I'm shipping for them! They're certainly adorable together.


Anonymous said...

u mean WE ate them xD

Peace, Love, Metro Station x3

Katrina said...

;p yehh thts wut i meant lolol