Wednesday, December 10, 2008

time for you to catch up on my life.

"shes the kinds you like to flaunt and take to dinner. shes a lady, woah woah woah and the lady is".... ME!
i just got out of the bath. now i am mellow and relaxed. here in new york, its 10:33 p.m. did i mention that i got cherish in the mail today. omg i was so excited! i even got to see a close-up of robin tunney's house. wow i sound like a stalker-like freak. = )
haha. but i am not. dont worry. i brushed my teeth and well now, i am just listening to music. i got the craft the day before yesterday. when the guy at circuit city was checking my reciept, he just had to comment on what i bought. "the craft, eh, thats an old one." i was about to say, "so are you" but i restrained myself. = )
today all i did was learn some moves for my skates. i just rolled around my whole place. it was so much fun! retro queen!
well, i got some better things to do. have fun doing what you gotta do, bye!