Wednesday, December 3, 2008

so much to say, so little time.

so i haven't been posting shit lately. lol. heres a little uh, summary. last night i watched the mentalist. best show, best actress, hottest dude (simon baker). "dont you want me baby, dont you want me ohh, dont you want me baby, dont you want me baby. i was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar that much is true" i have to order cherish on dvd. ahhh! only 6 more days until OPEN WINDOW COMES OUT! YOU BETTER BUY IT!
9 pm
The Mentalist continues to see bigger and bigger audiences, hitting yet another series high: 18.77 million viewers (a week-to-week surge of 18 percent).

Then I called Brianna and she watched it with me at her house over the phone. She liked it, too. This show is the best! Marleen just went home. We made a few videos. I didnt go to school today. I had the best day ever. I am just listening to music now. Today, Marleen hung out here all day. And we had tons of fun. We made videos of like, stupid shit, but OMG it was so funny. We watched about 45 minutes of Niagara Niagara but then she had to leave. I didn't get my letter yet. But I am expecting it tomorrow. I am listening to some tunes, lol. So I am super bored. I will try to get on more. But I am really busy. So, bye. Have a good day, or night, whatever timezone you are in. And uh, heres a clip of the Mentalist. Bye!