Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Reviews! Get your reviews!

That is correct, I have THE MENTALIST REVIEWS HERE!
9 pm
Oh, how you love that Mentalist! The freshman drama gained 560K from its previous fresh outing/series high, hitting 19.33 million viewers. Placing fourth (behind Loser and a Fringe repeat), ABC's According to Jim two-pack (4.8 mil) dropped 400 thou week-to-week.

Search around for more reviews please, so that I can post them here. Love ya = )


Shhhh said...

thanks i like thattt showw. There wasn't a whole lot of team banter this week, but the connection that Jane and Lisbon made was important and very well done. When he finally confesses to her that Sophie was his doctor when he had a breakdown and was hospitalized, I think it may be the first time I actually liked Robin Tunney's acting. Her reaction was so honest, so sympathetic without making Jane feel pathetic.

theres a revieww thattt i gott on i like this bloggg i loook fowardd to readinggg all yourr posts anddd you shouldd have a 200th posttt celebrationnn videooo. justtt givinggg ideasss. thanksss alottt. and i will alsooo keep watchingg the mentalisttt becausee you recommendedd it and i will buyyy open windowww but itsss soldd out by whereee i live....bye.

Shhhh said...

and i alsooo really likee your playlisttt and websiteee devoteddd to robin tunney.